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Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Maybe you've seen some new images pop up on @hartvariations or on Instagram and have been wondering what I'm up to?

I have long been enamored by the tarot, but am not to soaking it up as well as I do astrology. A few months ago I realized maybe that had to do with the decks I've been using. I have some truly beautiful decks (Thoth, The Wild Unknown, The Hermetic Tarot, A.T. Mann's Astrology Mandala deck...) but the first "deck" I would have seen as a child would be just a normal old deck of playing cards. This thought led me to explore cartomancy and to more overtly add in the astrology associated with tarot. Basically, I have drawn the astrology glyphs on each card in my own deck in Sharpie. :)

And so....I'm making my own deck! It's been about four years now that I have been creating custom jewelry, altars, and more using astrological associations with the materials I include. Every object, place, and more is "ruled" by an astrology sign/constellation or planet. I have multiple reference books I use and have slowly been creating my own one-stop reference list based off of these rulership recommendations. And because I prefer to generate my own imagery for HartVariations & The Path to your Process, it just seems a natural creative progression to combine these elements: plants, insects, skulls, etc. to represent tarot cards through their astrology symbols. Above is a photo of what will be King of Swords: the skull for Saturn, clover for Uranus, and salt for Aquarius. And below is Five of Wands: Monarch butterfly for Saturn and dandelion (plus a few, sweet little yellow flowers from my yard) for Leo.

I'm excited about this project. It will be for my own use, but I also intend to make the decks available via the website and most importantly - they will be playable. So, get ready to tap into your intuition and pull some cards with this deck, or sit down with friends and play some poker. :) Keep an eye out here, on Instagram or Facebook for more news.

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