Oh, Mercury...

This Mercury retrograde in Pisces has us all underwater, floating on the surface of vast seas, or both. 🌊

I know Mercury retrograde (Rx) is a hot topic these days. It comes up two to three times a year, as Mercury appears to move backwards in the sky and asks us all to go within. Similar to the topics of new moons, full moons, and eclipses (but maybe not as popular) I'm happy to see that Mercury's shenanigans act as a gateway for more folks to come to astrology. As I type this, I envision people actually walking up to the planets in the sky to greet them. Much like walking home.

Our home is both in the sky and down here on Earth. We have a constant reminder that we are to inhabit both the physical and metaphysical. How else do we explain the inner workings of our minds and hearts? Of memories and instincts? It's not all so physical - pay the bills, wash the dishes, brush your teeth. And yet, it is about the physical: the Saturn structures, the Venus values, the Mars desires, and more.

Back to Mercury Rx, I find it's important to share with folks that there is a reason the planets have retrograde cycles. I was reminded of this just this morning listening to a lecture by Deva Green. Retrograde cycles are "the evolutionary need to internalize, to individuate that planetary function." It is important to take what we've learned, or need to learn, and go inwards. Periods of pause and reflection are necessary. Integrating the physical and metaphysical is work that our modern world does not often support. What takes place below the surface is not rewarded the same as physical changes others may see transpire in our lives. What we build is just as important as what we tear down and then rebuild.

Looking to see what planets were retrograde when you were born can help weave your story with more information. Perhaps you were born during a Mercury retrograde? If so, then the way you navigate this energy is probably with much more grace than others. That is your gift; the familiarity of needing to do internal check-ins before external expression. We all have different gifts and astrology can help lift those to the surface for us.

Enjoy the rest of this watery Mercury Rx time. Mercury will go direct on 3/29 and then leave it's shadow (the retrograde story) on 4/17. What's the "shadow" you wonder? Well, that's a post for another time. ;)



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